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TopChoice Food Industries (S) Pte Ltd
ISO 9001 HACCP certified

Our company provides a series of services to our customers.
Among them:


 Your preferred outsourcing partner for cost, operational and service efficiencies.

TopChoice `s commitment to quality, consistency and reliabity benchmarks its
customer-focus orientation and competitiveness. F&B companies who plan to
outsource their supply chain management can now consult and contract with
TopChoice for the full range of food production services.

" Outsource food manufacturer to hotels, restaurants and clubs.
" Surrogate Central Kitchen™ to franchised cafes, diners and bistros.
" Fully serviced facility for research and development (R&D).
" Gourmet food production, customized to proprietary recipes.
" Specialist manufacturer for wide selection of, but not limited to, cream soups, sauces,
  concentrates, stocks and dressings.
" Pre-qualified vendor to supermarkets and hypermarkets for HEAT & EAT™
  ready-to-serve Western cuisine.